Monday, January 18, 2010

Home at Last

As I told you yesterday, we left Phoenix and drove to Las Vegas so we could pick Amos up today at the Las Vegas Veterinary Referral Center. We got into Las Vegas yesterday about 5:30pm and crashed at our hotel until around 7pm then went down to the strip for dinner. After getting a little lost we finally found the parking garage at the Venetian (the only FREE self-park lot I knew of on the strip) and parked to go to dinner. We had dinner at the Wynn hotel at a nice restaurant then headed back to our hotel because we were both spent after the drive into Vegas. After a brief detour (I refuse to say we got lost again) we got back to our hotel from the strip around 9pm. Rick and I both had a pretty restless night because we were anticipating picking up Amos in the morning. None the less, LVVRC called us this morning at our hotel and told us we could pick Amos up today at 11am We were finally going to be reunited with him after three months of longing and waiting.
We got to LVVRC at around 10:45am and got to meet Dr. Geels and discuss Amos' recovery and future surgery. He is a very nice Doctor and Amos is definitely in good hands with him in charge of his care. We also got to put several faces with the names of people we have been in contact with at LVVRC since we found out Amos was having his surgery there and we were picking him up there. After a brief consult with Mindy, Surgery Tech at LVVRC, we were given Amos' drugs and sent on our way.

Amos ready to head home to Phoenix in the back of the car

Amos home in Phoenix exhausted from a long trip


  1. I didn't know they made Elizabethan collars that big!!

  2. I know. The thing is like a satellite dish. We tried to see if we could pick up any new channels with our tv :-)

    We tried to use an inflatable collar instead but he is a crafty one and wiggled out of it or was able to lick around it. It was basically doing nothing, so we went back to the gigantic E-Collar....