Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Post-Surgery Follow-Up

I know it has been a couple of days since I have updated all of you, but it has been pretty much status quo at our house. Amos is doing great and is starting to get a little stir crazy being couped up but he is getting into the routine and fitting in at our house with ease.

We did have a slight mishap on Sunday night though. He is still unsure of Casey and snarls at him whenever he gets close. Well, Sunday night he got a little closer than Amos had liked and Amos lashed out at him. Amos caught Casey in the right eye and his eye was a little banged up. He is doing fine now, but he now gives Amos a wide berth whenever he walks by him. We'll see if this behavior is due to Amos' insecurity of recovering from the surgery or if it will be a bigger problem as he recuperates. Only time will tell if Amos will get along with Casey.

Today is Amos' first post-operative follow-up appointment with the surgeon here in Phoenix. His doctor here in Phoenix, Dr. Gilson, at Sonoran Veterinary Specialists is working with Amos' surgeon in Las Vegas, Dr. Geels, on his post-operative care. Today Dr. Gilson will remove the staples from the incision site. We're hoping that Dr. Gilson will give us the green light to eliminate the need for the e-collar now that his incision is healed and the staples are removed. Amos hates the gigantic e-collar that he has to wear. If we are home and directly supervising him we do not have it on him and he has not even licked the incision once. We only put it on him when we leave for work and at night to sleep. So he is getting pretty difficult to let us put it on when those times come. We'll see what Dr. Gilson has to say. I'll fill you all in on everything from his appointment later this evening...


  1. Oh no...poor Casey. What are you going to do if you determine that is isn't just from having surgery?

    I hope your appointment goes well.

  2. We'll have to wait and see. We are trying to work with the behaviorists at Best Friends to determine if it is something we can overcome.