Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, it looks like we won't be going to Las Vegas today after all. After Dr. Geels did his rounds this morning he gave me a call to update me. It turns out Amos is still really sore from the surgery yesterday, which is to be expected, but Dr. Geels feels that with the long car ride ahead that it would be best to keep him a few extra days and send him home on Monday instead of tomorrow. So Bummer. We still have to wait. It is only a few more days, but it is still a bit disappointing. Oh well. So it seems we will head there on Sunday afternoon to pick him up Monday morning.

Dr. Geels is the attending physician for the clinic this weekend, so he said he would give me a call each day and let me know how Amos is doing. So I will keep you posted as to what he says.

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